About FCR

The FCR company was founded by several people with many years of experience and specialist knowledge in the field of information security and electronic document technology, including the use of a digital signature in various standards.

The mission of FCR is to popularize the use of electronic documents in business practice, public administration and everyday life. The ambition and goal of the company is to provide safe and at the same time easy to use, simplifying and accelerating processes, as well as minimizing costs and time needed to settle many matters.

For several years, based on our many years of experience in the field of data security, we create a variety of solutions serving broadly understood protection of information processed in information systems of enterprises, institutions, etc. We want to present the latest ones in our refreshed website. Especially worth recommending is the DLP class solution that makes it easier for organizations using the MS Outlook e-mail client to maintain full compliance with the requirements of GDPR.

If any of them arouse your interest, please contact us using the form below (required fields are marked with an asterisk):